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37 Young Authors
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9 Josh Talks Speakers
Built Asia's Largest Kids Made Forest
1 National BalShree Award Winner

Here is What happens in this One Year Program

- Participate in live meetings every Friday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM to work on projects and refine your public speaking skills.

- Join the leadership team's weekly planning session every Monday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM to prepare for the Tuesday meeting.

- Schedule small group sessions with trainers every Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM to receive personalized guidance and practice your projects.

- Be part of the annual world-class culmination ceremony featuring a TEDed event where everyone comes together and becomes a TEDEd speaker

My team and I have spent years of constantly improving the training to build this world-class program

John Pradeep JL

India’s first theatre-based life coach John Pradeep JL, an author of 5 books, Comes with a decade of experience in working with children and parents. He uses theatre-based methodologies to coach children with fun and energy. 

With being featured on over 40 news Papers and TVs, his latest achievement is to speak at a WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS event. He also holds another WORLD RECORD for the longest storytelling online that became a book.  John has trained over 10000 children and adults on leadership, socio-emotional skills, finding their passion etc. He teaches through puppetry, shadow theatre, clowning, mime, plays etc which makes his curriculum all the more engaging. He is an active member of Passion Play International-USA, World Clown Association-USA, Schoolopreneur India etc.

 With Coaching as his core strength, He is currently the Academic Dean of evam’s Happy Cow– A theatre-based education movement for children functioning across south India and Senior trainer of Training Sideways– India’s No.1 Art-Based Behavioural Training Company.

 John believes “Enabling parents to coach their own children is the most effective way of coaching the children”

More about John on

Tasneem Unjhawala


Actor Photoshoot

When you give your TedEd talk, you will receive a special photoshoot as a part of the experience


Personal Mentoring

What if you could meet up with me and my team every single week for an entire year… You can always book a call with me on Monday evening at 6.00 PM to get coached by me on your Speech, Acting or anything with respect to life coaching

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