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3 day Achievers secret camp! Your first step towards the achievers life style

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Course Summary

In this 3 Day Workshop you will learn

1. How to ensure that your child is not just another ordinary child
2. The three-step process to make your child INCREDIBLE
3. How parents can work together with teenagers in order to help them achieve their goals
4. How to build a foolproof support system with adults and friends around your child so they excel in whatever they do.

Course Curriculum

John Pradeep JL

India’s first theatre-based life coach John Pradeep JL, an author of 5 books, Comes with a decade of experience in working with children and parents. He uses theatre-based methodologies to coach children with fun and energy. 

With being featured on over 40 news Papers and TVs, his latest achievement is to speak at a WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS event. He also holds another WORLD RECORD for the longest storytelling online that became a book.  John has trained over 10000 children and adults on leadership, socio-emotional skills, finding their passion etc. He teaches through puppetry, shadow theatre, clowning, mime, plays etc which makes his curriculum all the more engaging. He is an active member of Passion Play International-USA, World Clown Association-USA, Schoolopreneur India etc.

 With Coaching as his core strength, He is currently the Academic Dean of evam’s Happy Cow– A theatre-based education movement for children functioning across south India and Senior trainer of Training Sideways– India’s No.1 Art-Based Behavioural Training Company.

 John believes “Enabling parents to coach their own children is the most effective way of coaching the children”

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